Henvey Inlet First Nation

Henvey Inlet First Nation – Notice of Intent

To Establish a Wind Farm on the North Side of Henvey Inlet #2,

To Obtain a Permit Under Section 28(2) of the Indian Act

Chief and Council normally enter into Permits with individuals or companies for the purpose of forest management, gravel and pit operations, to set up a public utility, to allow the passage of transmission lines or to erect towers on any Reserve property.

The Reserve lands surrounding the activity approved under the Permit remain available for general Band use.

Under a 28(2) Permit, Chief and Council must be confident that the Community is largely in favour of a project, or at least, not against it.

In the case of the Wind Farm Project, the Band will not proceed unless a very large majority of the Membership who express their opinion support it before it goes ahead.

A full information package will be sent to each household on-Reserve, mailed to all off-Reserve Members and is now posted to this web site. (www.hifn.ca)

Seeking support from the Membership is just one step in a process involving numerous studies, assessments and extensive negotiations  that could take 5-7 years to complete before we actually see wind turbines on the horizon.

We Need to Hear Your Opinion – Your opinion will be kept confidential.  The  number of people supporting or opposing  the project will be counted and verified.

How to Make Your Opinion Known:

You can personally express your opinion (“I support  it” or “I oppose it”), to any of the following three (3) individuals:

Chief Wayne McQuabbiewayne.mcquabbie@henveyinlet.com)

Raymond Kagagins, Economic Development Officer (raymond.kagagins@henveyinlet.com)

Ken Noble, Special Projectskennoble@vianet.ca)

You can send  your opinion to any of the above via email.

You can phone any of the above noted individuals: (705)857-2331

You can fax (705-857-3021) or send your opinion in writing via regular mail to Chief Wayne McQuabbie :

Chief Wayne McQuabbie
Henvey Inlet First Nation,
295 Pickerel River Road,
Pickerel, Ontario
P0G 1J0

Opinion Collection Period:
Now to January 30, 2009 –


Some delays were experienced distributing the Wind Farm Information Package by mail, so
consultation will continue as required!

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