Henvey Inlet First Nation

Key Harbour Settlement Trust Disbursement

Key Harbour Settlement Trust Disbursement

Jun 20, 2017

To:                   Registered HIFN Members

From:              Chief M. Wayne McQuabbie

Date:               June 16, 2017

Re:                   Key Harbour Settlement Trust Disbursement




The Henvey Inlet First Nation Harbour Settlement trust will soon be making its first cash distribution to members. To meet the eligibility requirement, you must be a registered member of Henvey Inlet First Nation over the age of 21 years old to receive immediate distribution. To ensure you receive a distribution payment, your address must be up to date. Please contact Lyndy McQuabbie, Administration Receptionist, toll-free at 1-800-614-5533.

Recent high school graduates (18 to 21 years old) are to send in a copy of their high school diploma or certificate of GED equivalent.  The documentation should be submitted to the band administration office address at 295 Pickerel River Road, Pickerel, ON, P0G 1J0.

All cheques will be sent out on the same day in the first week of July. Distributions payments for registered members who are under the age of 18, will be held in trust, and will be sent out when the member turns 18 and have sent in a copy of their high school diploma or certificate of GED equivalent. Distribution payments will be made to registered band members who come of age on a semi-annual basis.

Once the distribution payments have been mailed out, and if any are returned and not claimed, within 6 months, the bank considers a cheque stale dated and then cheques are voided. If arrangements are not made to have a cheque re-issued before a year from the original date of issuance the unclaimed amount goes back into the Trust Account.

Should you have any questions to the claim itself, please contact Chief M. Wayne McQuabbie at the above noted phone number.





Chief M. Wayne McQuabbie