Henvey Inlet First Nation



May 3, 2017

Chief Wayne McQuabbie recently announced the portfolios of each Council member for the current political term of office effective March 25, 2017 to March 24, 2019.

Councillor Tony Solomon: Daycare, Trailer Park

Councillor Patrick Brennan: Lands

Councillor Lionel Fox: Social Services, WBAFN Representative, Housing, Roads/Infrastructure, CPAC Committee

Councillor Genevieve S Dubois: Education, Governance, Human Resources

Councillor Brenda Contin: Culture and Recreation (Pow wow committee member re: fundraising), Claims

Councillor Carl Ashawasagai: Roads/Infrastructure, Animal Control

Chief Wayne McQuabbie: MTONegotiations, Community member concerns, Finance, Child Welfare, Government to Government relations.

***The windfarm project will be a combined effort by all Council.

Please note: The portfolios come with the responsibility of addressing related concerns to these topics, if you have any questions or concerns please address the respective Councillor, at your convenience.