Henvey Inlet First Nation

Wind Farm Land Laws

We’re posting a number of documents relating to Land Laws tabled by Chief and Council for the Henvey Inlet Wind Energy Generation Centre, which is proposed for Henvey inlet Reserve ┬áNo. 2 Lands.

The meetings will be held:


Community Input Meeting: Sunday, Augustt 02, 2015 at the Firehall starting at 10:00 a.m.

Community Approval Vote on the Lease: Sunday, August 09, 2015 at the Firehall starting at 10:00 a.m.


Please print off the attached documents, and bring these with you to the meetings, and also share with your family or other band members.


As members of your band council, we are greatly looking forward to the opportunity to discuss the project and the land laws which are required to establish it, and to finalize the vote on the lease which will determine whether the project can go ahead.


If you have any questions about the meetings or the attached documents, please do not hesitate to contact me or Lands Councillor Pat Brennan. Also, a binder of these documents is available at the band office for your review.





Chief Wayne McQuabbie


01 Cover

02 Index

03 Introduction

04 Draft Land Laws tabled 20150520

05 Draft Land Laws 20150528 v 5.3

06 ESR – EA and Permitting Land Law v 5.3

07 ESR – Guidance Instrument + Map Letter Size

08 Nishshing Aki Map

09 Draft Lease