Henvey Inlet First Nation

Campaign Brochures

Campaign Brochures

Jan 24, 2017

Deadline to hand in campaign brochures is February 10th, 2017 at 12pm

AECOM Draft EA Report and HIFN’s 3rd Party Review

Council passed a Land Law in August directing Henvey Inlet Wind to do a comprehensive environmental assessment of the impacts of the proposed wind farm on Reserve No. 2.

September Community Newsletter

September Community Newsletter

Sep 3, 2015

September Newsletter has news on education, health centre programming and more…

Special Newsletter – New Wind Farm Land Laws Tabled

Notice of a Community Meeting of Members for Community Input on Sunday 02 August 2015, and for a Community Meeting of Members for a Community Approval Vote on the term of the proposed windfarm lease, to be held on Sunday, 09 August 2015.

Notice of Land Law

The Henvey Inlet Wind Energy Generation Centre is in the final planning stages. To proceed to the construction
phase, the Energy Centre requires two forms of authorization from Henvey Inlet First Nation. Notice of community approval vote.


At the meeting of Council on 02 February 2015, nine new Land Laws relating to the Henvey Inlet Wind Energy Generation Centre proposed for part of Reserve No. 2 were tabled so that notice could be given to members before final enactment under the Land Code.